Actually why is that only men are called gentleman(mostly) but why not the women. Since my childhood I have observed that boys are been given more freedom than the girls. These questions made me totally confused. After growing up I came to know that women are not given any importance. The system of patriachy is been still practised. Patriachy is a social study in which the males hold the primary power and predominate in roles of leadership. In northern india the male or a husband are called as ‘pati(पति)’ which literally means a master or a lord. So there is no equality among men and women. From the childhood a girl child is just told to adjust and tolerate the problems which she is facing. A male child cannot show his sensitiveness or his emotions due to his ego and his patriarcal thinking. And according to international labour organisation (ILO) the women work more than men. Let me give you an example. A woman wakes up early in the morning, and during that time no one wakes up, she makes food, she cleans the clothes etc. then she makes her husband ready then that husband would go as an executive to the office. And after coming back from the office the executive becomes totally tired, then the women takes care of him. So this is a common example which takes place. If men are treated as masters or lords then the women would be treated as servants(दासी, ‘तुम स्वामी हो में दासी हूं’।). Actually the problem is not about the difference between males and females but the problem is inequality. Many cases like female foeticide, where a female child is aborted, the problem of dowry, rape cases and so on. It is actually a serious issue.Women are still not given any importance. Let’s hope for an equality among men and women. If a women is not given any importance, is tortured or is harassed it will be a biggest shame. So let’s hope for an equality.

-Dev Rajora


Me and my experiences

When I see around, I just see people totally engrossed in their own lives, own duty own children and so on. I just see walk around the park which is situated inside my apartments and I see that no one is there only few are there. Nowadays a man/women just makes themselves ready as an executive, go to the office and after that they come back home with their heavy brains filled with stress as well as tension. Well they don’t even have time to share their thoughts or to communicate with each other. I have also observed that over-exploitation of resources especially technology has been taking place. Most of them are engaged in using their own smartphones. They just lead their own lives in that 5-6 inch screen. These cases are mostly observed in teenagers. Even I am a teenager. Well I can say that these smartphones had made people lethargic. People are more concerned in checking Facebook or Instagram profiles or stories which does not make any sense. Face to face communication has become totally less. According to my experience face to face communication is more effective then chatting in social media because while communicating face to face people can share their own thoughts and feelings, snd where we can understand each other properly. Even I am totally confused. A person spends his/ her whole day in a screen. When I see my colleagues,mates I just see their eyes totally focussed on the screen which literally makes me irritated. This is a serious issue where each one of them has to take an initiative to jusr avoid using smart phones. A person’s life should be involved with physical activities, happiness,joy where they can keep themselves fit and healthy. This is my own experience which I am facing now. Let’s hope for a change.

-Dev Rajora